Where are we now?

Currently cruising the west coast of St. Lucia

Currently cruising the west coast of St. Lucia


We flew from Vancouver to Antigua...

to join our boat in Jolly Harbour, where it was sitting in the yard.  And that's where it lay until we had put a few weeks of work in on the hard.

From there we started with daysails to English Harbour and back.  Our first adventure off the island was a trip to Guadeloupe, and then we began exploring the islands to the northwest of Antigua.

Now we are heading down the Lesser Antilles.  We made our first overnight sail a straight shot from Deshais, Guadeloupe to Martinique, a beautiful French paradise.  Now we're exploring the island of St. Lucia, and then it's south to Grenada, and all the adventures we can find as we head to Panama to cross into the Pacific Ocean in March.