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Guest blog post:  The parents visit the boat!

Guest blog post: The parents visit the boat!

Heather and Dan's ( Jessica's parents) Aruba visit

February 11, 2018


Well we have been home for a week and now it’s time to reflect and share the adventures of our visit.

The day we arrived in Aruba was Carnival Day and the following day was a holiday as well: "Recovery Day”. Needless to say everything was closed. This made it difficult for us to meet up with Jessica and Chris since they had some mechanical issues. With perseverance, assertiveness and help from some locals we were able to get aboard the Sitka. For two days, we anchored the boat around the island. Once businesses were opened we discovered a marina where work could be done on the boat. Fortunately for us, this marina was affiliated with a 5 star resort and entitled us to all their amenities... private beach, pool, showers and restaurants. Wow! Did we luck out — and certainly enjoyed it all.


Jess and Chris always enjoy learning and exploring each country they visit. So, we rented a 4-by-4 Jeep Wrangler and hit the Arikok National Park (Conchi Pool, Quadirkiri Cave and Boca Prins) for some intense off-roading. From the beach and sand dunes to the washed out mountain roads ... let’s just say it was a white-knuckled ride for me (I might have even dropped  a few F-bombs). But Chris and Jess had big smiles on their faces, and loved the challenge. All I can say is thank God Chris was driving, although I think there was some back-seating driving too.  Sorry about that Chris!


Chris and Jess asked us what we enjoyed the most throughout this journey to Aruba, and reflecting back I can now say it was observing Jess and Chris' teamwork on maneuvering the boat under mechanical difficulties. We were in awe of their knowledge and skill, constantly projecting confidence and calmness. Chris is always "on an even keel" and very resourceful in a salvaging operation. Thank you both for this amazing adventure that we will never forget. We wish you all the best on your future voyages. Forge ahead!

Story and photos by Heather MacDougall

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